Snowball Print Marketing Inc. is a transformative print marketing partner committed to impactful engagement. 

As a women-owned company, it focuses on People, Profit, and Planet Supply Chain, prioritizing the highest post-consumer waste recycled content in all sourced materials. Encouraging vendors to achieve Sustainable Green Printing (SGP) Certification and Canopy's Blueline Ranking, Snowball ensures accountable, ethical, and environmentally responsible print solutions, setting a standard for sustainability and excellence.

I was invited through Laetro to create new institutional and exclusive illustrations for Snowball, aiming to enhance diversity and showcase more aspects of the company's daily life.

In these new illustrations, we utilized the company's subdued color palette in a monochromatic scheme, incorporating splashes of color for emphasis. Additionally, textures and gradients were employed to infuse a modern and clean touch, elevating the exclusivity and memorability of the illustrations.

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