My name is Lorena Giostri, I am a Brazilian illustrator and designer with extensive experience and skills. I have a master's degree in Industrial Design from UNESA-RJ and an MBA in Strategic Design with a focus on Design Thinking.
My specialty is creating illustrations for various purposes, from editorials, brands, packaging, and literature, always using a striking and versatile style that can be used both more cleanly and professionally as well as in a more playful and childlike way.
Throughout my career, I have had the honor of receiving some recognition for my work, such as being selected for the Brazilian Design Biennial in 2015 and being the winner of Spoleto's Illustrated Plates Contest in 2018.
One of the most significant projects I have worked on was illustrating a children's book in partnership with the Plan International NGO, which retold the story of Rapunzel from a feminist perspective. All profits from this book were donated to support the education of underprivileged girls and young people.
In 2019, I participated in the Artist's Alley at CCXP in São Paulo, where I launched my first Graphic Novel Pipo, co-authored by Ygor Freitas. I am dedicated to delivering exceptional work to all of my clients and committed to bringing their visions to life through my illustrations and designs.
My list of clients includes: BCW Global, Stabilo, Sorriso, Y&R, Plan International, Mercari, IBASA, Spoleto, Editora Mol, Santuário dos Elefantes do Brasil, Rede LojaCorr, as well as prominent YouTube channels like Nostalgia, Imaginago, and Nerdland.

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