About the project

Pipo has a striking graphic signature, with a reduced color palette, and is accessible to color-blind people, since the writer himself has this characteristic.
The project was financed by Catarse crowdfunding with a campaign that raised 182% of its initial target and was launched at CCXP 2019.
Early concepts
Final Project​​​​​​​

Ygor Freitas was born in Nova Iguaçu and always had the habit of writing his sad stories, disappointments, and personal frustrations in a humorous way. Although his preference for comedy is the driving force of the content he produces, he decided to leave his comfort zone and take a risk in a completely different scenario: comics. Like everything else in his life, he pretends it never happened if it goes wrong.

Lorena Giostri was born in the interior of Espírito Santo and since she was young she wanted to illustrate situations around her. With a background in industrial design, he worked in advertising illustration for years and today he faces a new challenge that is an old dream: illustrating a comic book.
My destination (or not), she found the match at Ygor for a project partnership in which the two could vent one of the greatest loves in common: the relationship with dogs.

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