The Nostalgia channel, led by Felipe Castanhari, is a powerhouse on Brazilian YouTube, attracting millions of subscribers and views. It distinguishes itself by offering informative and engaging content, delving into topics of pop culture, history, and trivia. With licensed products, influence in the online landscape, and cultural significance, Nostalgia has become a benchmark in online entertainment and education in Brazil.
The project needed to transform the already established and nationally recognized identity of one of the largest YouTube channels for entertainment, curiosity, and education into a physical game. To symbolize Nostalgia's transition from screens to a real-world setting, there was no better way than to represent its brand in a fully 3D application, creating the impression that the universe created by Felipe Castanhari was "coming to life" from the pages. As one of the channel's first licensed products in the toy market, the goal was to captivate its audience and make a strong impression right from the first encounter. The production and distribution partnership was carried out by Estrela, the largest manufacturer of games and toys in Brazil.
Cards Design
From this transition from the virtual world to the printed one, the project continued by transforming the Nostalgia's color palette into various harmonious colors in its composition for the creation of game dynamics, question cards, and graphic elements that enrich the game's communication without losing its essence and identity.
Board Design
Para a construção do tabuleiro não foi diferente. Adaptamos as cores e elementos de apoio da arte presente no layout do Nostalgia no YouTube e desdobramos tudo isso para melhor fluidez da dinâmica de jogo, regras e progresso dos jogadores pelo tabuleiro.
O principal contato do público com o produto e a mais importante peça de design do projeto certamente é a embalagem.
Era necessário transmitir a imagem de Felipe Castanhari contextualizada com a proposta do jogo, que é a de desafiar os jogadores a relembrar o passado e desafiar os amigos a descobrir quem lembra mais dos momentos nostálgicos da cultura pop, história etc.
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