The challenge of this project was to create a 2021 calendar for the company Medicina Ocular that enchants clients and promotes the bond between client and company. For this we use 6 illustrations. 
We built a series of illustrations that are conceptually connected around the same point: “Your memories are constructions of your eyes”. We want to give the look a nostalgic look, to associate unforgettable and remarkable moments for everyone. For that, each illustration should score a moment, focusing on the protagonist's face and his expressions. At the same time that the illustrations have totally different color palettes, they all have elements in the client's institutional tone, with this staying within the client's identity, bringing a freshness of new colors. 

The purpose of the illustrations and the purpose of the calendar is to serve as a trigger for rescuing good 
memories from customers, showing them in practice how caring for health in general is important, 
and how there are moments that make it all worthwhile. 

This project was an invitation from the designer Viktor Navorsky.
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