Insany is dedicated to web and mobile interface design, crafting innovative projects that stand apart from the offerings in the Brazilian market. Initiated by designer Gilberto Prado, it emerged as a result of his diverse professional experiences across various cities. This background equipped him to assume a leadership role within the company. Despite its relatively brief existence, Insany Design has swiftly amassed an impressive portfolio, featuring websites and applications characterized by sleek, contemporary designs.
After the rebranding project made by Berriel Brands, I created collateral and promotional design materials for Insane Design, including press kit pieces and stickers. The press kit design was created to provide the clients with all the necessary information about the company, its services, and its products with an appealing visual and unforgettable unboxing. 
I used a consistent feeling across all materials, incorporating the company's logo, colors, and typography to ensure a cohesive look and branding. The designs were created to focus on simplicity and clarity, using bold graphics and clean layouts to make important information stand out.
Overall, I am confident that these collateral and promotional materials will help Insane Design increase brand awareness and engage with its target audience more effectively. 
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