Aravia is a branding made by the incredible designer Diana Coe that has the challenge of giving new meaning to image consulting, personal branding and digital marketing for women. 

For this project, Diana called me to make an illustration that represented the transformation that Aravia proposes for its own customers. This illustration should also represent the concepts present in the brand, such as cubism, architectural deconstructivism, collage, chaos, the archetype of the wild woman and their bodies that are the great influencers of the brand. 

The challenge was to bring a dominant, strong, intuitive and very intense brand, with a sensitive and expressive depth. Tangible our inner chaos and essence, our language, in a changeable, adaptive and modern way. This brand was also inspired by a short story, of Inuit origin. 

All the product mockups and design by Diana Coe.​​​​​​​
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