Hypnos is a brand of vape e-liquids, aimed at the upper class young folks. The Hypnos brand development is based on common and typical elements that are brought to the consumer, like the hypnose waves (a sought-after concept which describes the sensations felt by the users), smoke (a very distinct characteristic of vape usage) and snakes (commonly associated to hypnose, due to the world-famous “snake charmers”). The combination of those elements brought us a strong, fluid symbol with a powerful personality that will dictate the communication between the brand and its target audience. This branding construction was done by Victor Berriel. 
My contribution was to personify the brand in the format of illustrations to be used in packaging and brand identity, bringing even more personality. In addition I also did the brand packaging project for the first 5 flavors of Hypnos
The snakes
The species of the snakes for the flavors was chosen specifically for a reason. Each of them has some connection with the flavor, such as geographic location, color corresponding to the feeling we want to show or some striking feature that matches the flavor.
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